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How to Clean Car air conditioner compressor

Check the state of the Car air Conditione Compressor Work

Car ac compressor consists of two main components so that the compressor and magnetic clutch. Check the state of the ac compressor

For the ac compressor which took part in the working point control of the physical state of the check, if there is oil compressor attached to the wall, if so meaningful ongoing leak at the compressor, but also need to figure out where it came from where the oil is from the compressor or from the machine.

Car air Conditione Compressor

Hand side of the ac compressor so common trigger freon leaking oil mixed with one of them on packing on the front cover and back cover, connection pipes best ac compressor pipe low or high pipe, reliev valve or compressor shaft seal.

Medium control the ac compressor working in pumping refrigerant can be viewed by using a manometer gauge ac car.

Check Magnetic Magnet Clutch or Clutch

Ac compressor magnetic clutch on a car serves to connect the engine turns over compressor pulleys. In the picture above there is a car ac compressor pulley, armature assembly or center piece and there spull rolls in pulleys, with a concurrent manner called for magnetic clutch assy or car ac magnetic coupling. Look also test magnetic clutch work ..

Controls for this magnetic coupling can be viewed by way of a physical one armature assembly or center piece attracted by the ac magnetic moment of life, look at the movement of time is immediately connected or connected first slip. Observe also the sound of a connected whether loud or weak.

When the loud sound of metal connected together already underway means wear iron armature surface of pulley assembly to the surface, or there is a distance or gap that is too far away (look at the picture above compressor). And because of the distance that is too far away would bring because sometimes connected and sometimes not connected up to the compressor when the temperature was hot, because the strength of the magnet to pull the center piece of heat shrink time.

As well as this sort of thing we would feel dead sometimes ac and ac sometimes live to be caused cracks on the center piece and the surface of the pulley is too far. The distance to the pulleys and the center piece of the best there is between 0, 25mm to 0, 5mm.

The distance or gap center piece with a surface compressor pulleys arranged by the thickness of the ring plate is used on the center piece with the shaft or as compressor. The change in distance is generally because indeed have spare time to turn the ac.

The above is due because at the time the car is turned on surface ac stationary center piece with the abrupt manner connected with puly surface that rotates continuously. And this goes for each ac car on and off, it is definitely there when its useful.

The distance to the pulleys and the center piece is too far to loud noise signal time center piece connected in some brands of ac compressor can also cause the armature assembly broke up in the spring plate, other than that if the distance is too much possibility of magnetism of the magnetic clutch is not able to pull the center piece of a state heat.

Car AC Condenser Control

By way of control of physical ac condenser can be done with a look at the condenser fins wet oil is there no ac which suggests no leaks in the condenser and check is there seems fins are bent or dirt reduce cooling condenser.

Check Pipe-Pipe Flexible AC Cars and Slang

Researching the best ac pipe or flexible pipe aluminum pipe from possible leaks and the possibility of rubbing against the side of another car, which can be a trigger of leaks.

Carefully check the connections or from possible leaks marked with looks wet by oil pipe connections ac ac on it.

Check Valve from leaks, the same thing can also be viewed when the leak took place at the service valve will look wet with the former (second) oil around the service valve (nipple on the pipe to the content as well as wasting ac freon), previously used to make sure you already know how to car ac freon change.

Control Receiver Drier

The receiver drier serves to filter out impurities that do not advance to the expansion valve, for car ac receiver drier with separate types of condenser fitted with a sight glass and pressure switches.

To control the receiver drier condenser type that generally separate the T-type or L type, check also the possibility of the former (second) ac oil around the IN and OUT connections in part because often also takes place ac freon leak or oil because the seals were hardened and connection pipe connected ac less harsh.

Need freon is seen also through the circumstances that exist at the sight glass on the receiver drier sight glass does look clean or black, when it looks blackish think to turn ac receiver drier and check the entire way to the car with ac car servicing workshop.

To check the state of the pressure switch wires and cables connected socket does seem in a state connected with the best or not.

Controls on the Expansion Valve

Expansion valve or expansion valve on a car ac there are many types, type or kind of expansion valve that we can check the condition of the outside of the expansion valve is  box.

Although expansion is also a box there is also in place in the evaporator, the evaporator construction dependent. Suppose in general car from Toyota expansion valve can be seen from the outside, and easy to use no open Evaporator unloading.

As well as to search the easy way is to look at the state of the physical manner if there is a used (second) ac existing oil around the expansion valve is signaled already underway to seal pipe joints leaking ac.

Moderate expansion valve types contained in the evaporator, we can not see ondisi by physical means, but his work can be seen from the insistence that in measuring, for which it may not be able to see all of the exception condition technician.

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  1. My car air conditioner has been smelling like dirt lately. I replaced the air filter, but I still get dirt in the air. How do I open things up and really clean out the air conditioning area?


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