Causes Clutch Pedal Car Feels Weight?

Auto Repair Tips - Causes Clutch Pedal car feels Weight?

Causes severe car or clutch pedal feels hard when the clutch pedal.

Clutch car feels heavy or hard when the clutch pedal is generally caused by two things:

1. Plate clutch or canvas clutch began to thin
2. Greasing the release bearing that dries and powders clutch plate wear and wear a sun that is attached to the slide holder release bearing.

Analysis of Car Clutch Feels Weight

Clutch Pedal Car 1. When the clutch plate has begun to thin or thinning due to wear and tear, then the form of a spring or a spring sun diagfragma be inflated out.

2. When greasing the release bearing holder hardened and added powder clutch plate wear attached to plain bearings bearing rease will hinder the movement of the clutch release bearing so heavy and hard already started when the new clutch.

How To Overcome Car Clutch Weight

Related to two common problems in the clutch the car feels heavy. Handling to cope with any heavy clutch there are two kinds, namely:

1. To Plate Clutch Already Thin

- Already thin plate clutch had to be replaced and better at the same time replace the cover and his clutch release bearing (see Symptoms Thin Plate Clutch). With the aim that does not fluctuate within a period of rapid clutch. This instance when the clutch has been a slip, the clutch plate in the locker but release bearing and clutch cover is not replaced, not long before the release bearing is damaged, then the car should go down the clutch again.

- If it is possible and it is also better if the current clutch down and replaced the rear crankshaft seal. Her goal is the same so that the car does not go down the clutch again when there is oil seeped from the rear crankshaft seal. Due to replace the rear crankshaft seal, the car had to be down the clutch, considering the location of the seal as the engine (crank shaft) is located behind the flywheel. Look Down Machine For Leaking oil seal Kruk As.

2. Overcoming Clutch Weight

- Cause In Release Bearing still starting new car that did not escape the heavy clutch caused by hardened grease from the plain bearings release bearing this.

- Moreover, we often put a foot on the clutch pedal car would accelerate the wear of the sun clutch and iron filings from wear sun will come attached to the release bearing pads.

If this is the case can be overcome by spraying an anti-rust on the car sufficiently plain bearings without coupling through the rubber boot down on the clutch fork while asking for help from others for pressing the clutch pedal. That dirt hinder the movement release bearing could be lost. The clutch feels light weight will come back.

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  1. The assembly and installation of the clutch components has plenty to do with the success and life of the parts; the other main factor is your personal driving style/habits.


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